Keep up to date with incoming bills

Bill Management

Have those big bills got you stressed?

They always seem to turn up at the worst time, don’t they?

Download the SavR App today, and you can start preparing for those big bills, AUTOMATICALLY.

Link the SavR App to your everyday account, and each time you spend, your transactions will be rounded up to the next whole dollar. Those roundups will periodically get sent from your everyday account into your savings account, and build up pretty fast. Next time you receive a nasty bill in the mail, you might have already saved enough to pay it. Easy.

Personal Finance, made easy

A simple, automatic way to save

Not only is saving your money easy with the SavR App, but accessing your funds is nice and easy too. When you are ready to take your funds out, just complete a withdrawal request in the app, and your funds will be sent back to your everyday account. (If you have decided to save money into an account you already held with another financial institution, your withdrawal process is just like normal).

No hassles. A simple, automatic way to save.

Note – All funds transferred to a SavR account are held in FDIC Insured US deposit accounts managed by Evolve Bank (member FDIC)