Turn your loose change into Bitcoin


Download the SavR App today, and you can turn your loose change into Bitcoin, Automatically.

Open a new Coinbase account in the SavR App and get a $10 Bonus*

By linking up your everyday bank account to SavR, your transactions will be rounded up to the next whole dollar, and your loose change will be converted into bitcoin via Coinbase, the worlds largest and most trusted Cryptocurrency exchange.

The process is very easy –

Download the SavR App

SavR will create your new Coinbase account (or link to your existing one) for you, and request authorization for SavR to access it for the automated transactions.

Link up your day to day spending account

SavR takes care of the rest.

You can view your Bitcoin balance and SavR deposits in the SavR App dashboard, via the Coinbase mobile App or by logging in to the Coinbase Website. You can Sell your Bitcoin and withdraw your funds at any time, via the Coinbase mobile app or Website.

Once you have purchased $100 of Bitcoin (within the first 180 Days of opening your new account) you will also receive a BONUS $10 in your account*.

*Bonus amount is paid according to Coinbase Bonus Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed at www.coinbase.com. Bonus not available to existing coinbase account holders. New accounts only.

Note :

(SavR calculates your roundups, and will convert your funds into Bitcoin when Roundups reach $20-$25. Making frequent purchases for smaller amounts than this can be very costly when transaction fees are taken into account)

Why Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency, The money of the future

SavR is a great way to get involved with Cryptocurrency, and becoming part of the revolution of Money 2.0. The SavR App will enable lots of Crypto newcomers to easily and automatically buy Bitcoin, and for the more experienced Crypto Fans, SavR can be a great way to automatically increase holdings without having to process manual transactions all the time. To keep things simple, we have configured SavR to convert funds to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the oldest and most established Crypto Currency, and has gained considerable value over the past 8 years. There are dozens of Crypto Currencies in existence these days, and we don’t want our users to be overwhelmed by having to decide which one to buy. If you find you no longer prefer your SavR funds to be converted to Bitcoin, you can change your preferred currency in the Coinbase Dashboard. Easy.

If you have more questions, we would love to hear from you via support@savr.online

It has never been easier to get involved in Cryptocurrency.