SavR helps with debt repayments

Control your debt via SavR

Do you feel like you will never get ahead on your debt repayments?

Are you worried your Student loans or Home Mortgage will be hanging over your head forever?

Download the SavR App today, and start saving your loose change to pay off your Student Loans or Mortgage faster. Link the SavR App to your everyday account, and every time you spend, your transaction will be rounded up to the next whole dollar. The loose change will be periodically sent to a dedicated savings account, which can build up quickly, and provide you with the ability to make lump sum payments off your loans. You can even set the SavR App to add a small amount to every rounded transaction to turbocharge your saving progress. By using the saved money to pay more off your loans, you may save Interest, Time or even both. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Mortgage Interest

A way to pay your loan off quicker

Mortgage Interest is usually calculated on your loan Daily (or sometimes monthly), which means that making extra repayments can save you interest on that amount for the remaining life of the loan. Those extra repayments can add up over the course of years, and save you a substantial amount of time and money off your loan. Download the SavR App today, and start saving money towards paying off your Mortgage or Student loan sooner.

Not only is saving your money easy with the SavR App, but accessing your funds is nice and easy too. When you are ready to take your funds out, just complete a withdrawal request in the app, and your funds will be sent back to your everyday account. (If you have decided to save money into an account you already held with another financial institution, your withdrawal process is just like normal).

No hassles. A simple, automatic way to save.

Note – All funds transferred to a SavR account are held in FDIC Insured US deposit accounts managed by Evolve Bank (member FDIC)